Having the perfect products is not enough to capture people’s attention. It’s the perfect STORY that seals the deal.

After working with all types of startup companies for years, we’ve finally launched our Brainnu Tech branch, where B2B Tech companies can get professional, A-Z solutions to all their digital front needs. 

Equipped with extensive experience and broad understanding of the startup world, We consider all the different challenges startup companies face and give them the boost they need to break through and accelerate their global success.

NU Seed

Funding stage:
We will help you with:

Naming: Because every successful company needs a strong name.

Branding & position: Which will best represent what your company stands for.

Storytelling: To help people fall in love with your brand.

The A team

Funding stage:
Series A
We will help you with:

Strategy: We'll get all your digital assets to work together in perfect harmony.

Site & Landing Pages: All looking on point and convert like there’s no tomorrow.

Marketing plan\ Product marketing: To REALLY spread the word, smartly.


Funding stage:
Series B+
We will help you with:

Marketing & Creative: For both building your brand awareness and converting.

Campaigns: To get your story across strongly and memorably.

Website: To perfect and fine tune your messages and user experience.

so how does it work?

so how does it work?


We meet up for Coffee

to talk about your aspirations, values and needs.


We build a personal package

after mapping out your challenges and goals, we put together a plan to suit you perfectly.


We agree on all the official stuff

and sign our work contracts.


Tech on

now it’s time to get to work and turn your brand into a kicking startup.

Customers’ stories

Let’s grow together

Just fill in these blanks and we’ll take it from there:)