A subsidiary start-up of Razor labs, Axon was born to create AI solutions catering specifically to the military and defense industry’s extra delicate needs.

You name it!

With so much potential- what’s a name big enough to carry all that awesomeness? After a long process with plenty of back ‘n’ forthing, we came up with the perfect name- Axon, which is the fiber that connects neurons together.

And with the company’s 2 divisions:

We created a brand identity and language that will live up to the brand’s own rockstar standards for the digital arena.

Improving defence abilities by developing an AI based terrain dominance, “vision to data”.

Developing the next gen radar – “pulse to data”…our future defence system is definitely going places!

All branded up

We had all the important deets sorted out- and down they go on paper!:)

We designed all the official brand docs and created a mind blowing visual language for digital marketing.

Now they’re talking!