Creative Ideas don’t just pop up.

Let us be Your Brainners.

Building kick-ass

brands is our mission.

But First, a

story to tell

Some people can only dream big. Just like our goal-digger CEO & head of love, Shany Hadad.

With a never-ending stream of ideas, 14 years of experience (including 7 in tech industry) and enough ambition to take over the world, one day she jumped in head first and started her own little magic lab, later to become one of the most sought-after creative agencies in Tel Aviv.

With over 100 satisfied clients worldwide (and counting) over the years, dozens of high-end creative projects including collaborations with Google Cloud, Fendi and 7eleven – we are up and ready for any challenge.

The best part? We’re an all-women team and always balance insights with imagination. And that’s our goddamn magic! ✨

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