Softwatch helps enterprises to effectively manage the transition of their business applications to the cloud, based on real usage analysis to reduce IT costs, identify waste and under-used applications, as well as assist with transformative projects and cloud initiatives.

The story sharper

When Softwatch first came to us, their logo had two clouds in it, simply implying that they dealt with cloud migration. 

After drilling down a little deeper, we came up with a much sharper concept, which better showed their uniqueness: Sofwatch helps every company craft its own fingerprint, providing personal solutions suitable for its unique needs.

Lookin’ Professional

Once we had a solid story, it was time to decorate! We created a new logo which combined the new concept and the old one- a “cloud like” shaped fingerprint. Our choice of gradient color was to amplify the brand’s versatility and its suitability for all enterprizes.

Then Google got on board

With such a sharp concept and branding- it’s no wonder the big players start noticing you. After we produced their first professional product video, they got their first big collaboration with Google!

After that big victory, it was fairly obvious we were gonna make a whole bunch of Brainnu videos…

Show it off

When you have a stunning Brainnu design & logo, the first thing you wanna do is proudly show it to the rest of the world- so we created a whole branded line of company docs, presentation prototypes and price quotes. 

And of course – we also designed a Brainnu responsive website which blew off everybody’s mind!