Born in sunny TLV and working internationally

We do everything – CREATIVE.
Our job is to come up with creative solutions to make your business pop in the infinite ocean of social media and web.

A Brainnu story to tell

✖ BIG dreams, HUGE success.

Some people just can’t sit still, our CEO, Shany Hadad, for instance…

With a never-ending stream of ideas, 13 years of experience and enough ambition to take over the world, one day she jumped in head first and started her own little magic lab, later to become one of the most pursued agencies in Tel Aviv.
With over 100 satisfied customers worldwide  (and counting), dozens of high-end projects including Google, Fendi and ASOS – we are up and ready for any challenge.

And the best part? we’re an all-women team and an all-women awesomeness!

We Believe
in Innovation


Innovative people: we’re people’s people. We love good vibes and creative brains. We love to inspire and get inspired.

Innovative aim:  creating is fun, but making an impact is our real get-off, which is why our campaigns are always sharp and focused. Like we always say- results or didn’t happen!

Innovative learning: we adapt, and we adapt fast. Staying up-to-date is our priority.

Innovative mind: keeping it open and flexible is a key ingredient for creativity. 

Innovative looks: visual first- that’s how our brain works. And If it ain’t pretty- it ain’t selling.

innovative passion: like mama used to say- do what you love, or your job ain’t gonna love you. We wake up every morning and set out to change to world, nothing can beat that.

Innovative dreams: we never stop dreaming. Not ever.

Innovative stand: in a world where people are bombarded with messages, every campaign should be unusual & unforgettable. We create campaigns that STAND OUT.