Born in TLV.

We are a global MarTech & creative agency based in sunny Tel-Aviv.
We believe in creating magic by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy & custom-made marketing solutions.
Our one-stop-shop will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to give your business
that extra push that turns digital activities into beautiful butterflies.

//Creating Things
that People


It all began a few years ago on a bright day (full of fairydust, rainbows and flying unicorns) – When our CEO woke up and just said ENOUGH. She had bigger plans and high expectations and dreamed to be a part of some huge strategic moves all over the globe. 

After 12 years in different advertising and digital marketing agencies dozens projects in the Israeli startup eco-system, she understood that the change has to come from the inside-out. 

The desire to promote women in the digital world and run projects from A to Z at the highest levels – both visually and creatively – were her guideline. 

Today, over 100 satisfied companies & projects over the world, starting from international players collaborations as ASOS and Fendi to local players as Leumicard, Strauss, Gett and more. 

We believe that to fulfill dreams and make them come true – you just need to think from a different point of view. 

So nice to meet you. 
WE ARE Brainnü.

//Were Here Before It Was Cool


Believe in the power of people: Creating a smart future

Focus on the impact: Cuz its what really matters

Move fast: And have the courage to shape a better future

Be Open: And listen to the instincts of your gut

Make Beauty: Cuz its always small detailes that make the big picture

Create with Passion: Committed in heart and mind

Keep on Dreaming: Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground

Stay DOPE: Unsusual & Unforgettable

//We Believe in Innovation