Privacy Policy

Imagine you are at the store, paying for this really cool popsicle maker (lousy example but it’s hot down here, so just bear with us) You’re all jumpy on your way home, can’t wait to have a sweet, juicy popsicle to cool you off. But then suddenly, your phone rings and you get a text that says your credit card details have been stolen and that somebody is trying to use it. That sucks, and now you’re probably all pissed… sorry about that. The point is, things like that don’t happen as often on the real world, but they do happen on the Internet all the time, which is not cool. It’s one thing to want to learn your users basic behaviors because you want to improve your website, but some companies go way overboard and collect more than they should. Again- not cool.

But hey, we’re nothing like them!

And to prove it, we’re gonna name exactly what we collect, why, where and how- so you know we’re absolutely NOT gonna sell your info on the darknet where they tempt you to join a gambling scheme and eventually force you to sell a kidney. Ok that was kinda dark, but you get the idea. We’ll try and keep it more positive from now on. Of course, we might make changes to this page sometimes, so check it out every now and then. Although probably won’t.  But we might though.

Ready? so here goes:

What User Data are You Collecting?

We thought you’d never ask 🙂

We have to collect some data, but only the basics like: your IP address, your contact information and email address, the pages you’ve visited on our website and how you like your coffee, in case you pop in. Kidding about that last one – we have absolutely no way of knowing how you like to drink your coffee, unless you choose let us know. But yeah, basic stuff like that.

What Do You Need
My Data for?

We want you to enjoy yourself while on our site. To do that, we need to really understand your preferences and adjust our site accordingly. Also, we want to know what you might find interesting, so we can keep you updated on it. Sure, we can ask you all this stuff directly, but honestly, do you really want that headache?

Didn’t think so.

Is My Data Safe Though?

Perfectly. We are committed to keeping your data completely confidential by using all sorts of high tech. And if you still want it back- you can always email us and ask us to erase your personal data from our logs. No hard feelings! Ok, maybe just a little, but we’ll get over it.

Your Cookie Policy Please...

We probably don’t need to tell you what cookies are, but just in case you don’t know- they’re tiny little data recorders we use to store, well, data. When you go on our site (or any other site really), we use cookies to collect all the stuff we’ve mentioned before to give you a better experience.  So for example, if you just scroll through one of our pages super fast it probably means it didn’t blow your mind the way we hoped, so we save that data and later improve it. Don’t like this whole “cookie” thing? No problem, it’s very easy to change- you can do so by going to your browser’s settings and disable them.

Links to Other Websites

We like to give our users plenty of cool, educating information. That’s why we sometimes have links that lead to other website, if we find that other website interesting. Obviously, we can’t be held responsible for what others do on their websites. If you click on those links- that’s on you, buddy. Wish we could protect you from all harm forever, but we can’t.