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Engagement Managers develop day-to-day client relationships and drive business through innovative digital campaigns, e-commerce and media. 

They’re the link that connects our Huge to our clients—so facilitating communication between external 

clients and internal teams is essential. They know how to represent our ideas as strongly as they can represent our clients’ wishes, and at the end of the day, they lead their team to deliver an amazing, ground-breaking product. 

They build outside relationships, maintain project revenue, help generate profit and deliver excellent digital products. Our Engagement Managers have a comprehensive understanding of the digital arena and how emerging technologies and avenues can add value to client business, and still deliver visually stunning design.

//Engage- ment Manager

The Strategic Growth Director identifies and helps to develop strategic relationships with potential clients and partners. They oversee business development initiatives and guide them from the opportunity lead phase through the contract phase. 

Specific tasks include developing proposal and pitch materials, developing internal marketing materials, and maintaining communications with prospective clients. An ability to multi-task and prioritise is critical to the success of this role. 

The Strategic Growth Director will report directly into the Managing Director, and frequently collaborate with as well as lead others to produce concepts and proposals. The Strategic Growth Director runs the pitch process from start-to-finish, including assessing initial opportunities, collaborating with key internal stakeholders on pitch deliverables, interfacing with prospective clients, and creating written RFP responses. 

They work closely with the CEO and Communications teams to develop proposal and pitch materials, including case studies, initial POVs on prospective clients’ businesses, strategic presentations, and all written components of a proposal.

//Strategic Growth Director

The Experience Director leads our most complex and innovative projects, creating products used by millions of people every day. They have an intuitive feeling for the way products should work and a deep understanding of what users want and need when it comes to digital media. 

The work includes digital strategy and interaction design across any touch point— web, mobile, social, tablet and in-store. The Experience Director monitors our projects from the very start. They oversee interdisciplinary teams through research, strategy development, concepting, product definition, and design. 

We need someone who can be strategic product owner, a team player, and a skilled client partner all rolled into one. They should be decisive and excited to lead their team forward—we need someone who will never tire of pushing the work to be better. 

In addition to project work, Experience Directors help to shape the User Experience department, manage and mentor other interaction designers, and play a major role in business development.

//Experi- ence Director