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As a well established company with worldwide corporations and national governments in their client roster, Razor Labs was doing AI way before it was cool. When it was time to build a whole new brand that could tell the company’s story, they knew who to turn to (us, obviously). It was only fitting for a company that provides its clients with an entire AI solution package to receive our 360-treatment. Together, we crafted a branding package that matches Razor Labs’ Multi-layered story.


Every Story Needs a Frame

Every brand is made of multiple components, and the one we built for Razor Labs pieced them all together to create one coherent story that reflects everything that the company stands for.

Starting from the company’s name, we chose to use the initials of the founders’ names, along with the word “labs” to reflect the company’s innovative and exploring character. When it came to choosing the color palette, our research revealed 3 main neon tones not found in nature, which were chosen to represent the very base in Razor Labs’ brand identity - artificial intelligence. The same idea was implemented in the iconic visual language we built, which features neural net elements that imitate an AI system.

For the company’s logo, we used a cube shape to represent the holistic nature of the company’s offering to its clients, with each color symbolizing a different aspect of the company - the products, the people and the company values.


From Basics to the Finest Detail

Razor Labs’ new branding kit was the result of a thorough research and deep understanding of the company’s identity. Our work is proudly featured in each of the company’s assets, from the new website we designed, throught social media pages, presentations shown to potential clients and investors, to signs and banners showcased around the company’s premises.

Working with Razor Labs was an exceptional milestone for both sides. For us it meant building a brand from scratch, breathing life into a story that was waiting to pop out, but needed the right frame to do so. For them it meant learning new insights and even taking new directions. This is what we call a fruitful journey!