Back in the 90’s, an illegal excavations took place on temple mount in Jerusalem and caused severe damage. In order to preserve it, a volunteer sifting center was built to dig up some of those buried treasures.

Moriah was born out of that project. If your heart desires a piece of temple mount stone in a unique, handmade jewel, combined with gold, silver and diamond- Moriah is your place.

Take a piece of Jerusalem with you.

The brief

Resurrection, in case you didn’t know, is totally on our CV. Our job was to bring this brand back to life by transforming it’s image from dark and gloomy to vivid, hopeful and bright.

Here comes the sun!

Igniting the spark

Starting with the core, we made clear what story our brand should be telling. The brand’s connection to Jerusalem would be the heart of it all, and it’s holiness and importance to all religions. A city that brings us all together. 

As soon as we had the concept all figured out down to the last detail, we started working on the wrapper.

Smocks on

Next we brainstormed a visual language. Dealing with an historical element, we decided an illustration would be perfect to set a nostalgic, fairy-tale like mood.

Let the makeover begin!

Now it was time to get rid of the dull image and let the sunshine in. 

We re-designed the website using their brainnu language and gave it a whole new outta-this-world look, as well as the instagram grid and facebook page.

Notre plaisir.