Max Payback

For Max, a leading financial company in Israel, the month of November has always been a big deal. This year, we wanted to celebrate shopping season with a special campaign for Max PayBack – the popular service that gives money back for online shopping.

Let’s Shop

One fun thought led to another – and our AR filter idea was born 🙂 We decided to create a game where the user had to move their head in order to catch the falling elements and fill their shopping cart. For every caught item – a “virtual refund” is made, adding up to the final score. 10 Seconds. 3 Rounds. Max fun!

Making It Glam

As for the visual language, we designed the campaign A-Z: from the falling elements, icons, social media marketing communications and motion design – down to every little 2D & 3D detail. All while making sure it matched the brand’s existing language.

The Game is On

Once everything was up and ready to go – we partnered with the influencer agency, Like & Share, and went live and viral with our leading Instagram influencers, who made the word about our NU game spread like wildfire.



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