A New Visual Language for a Change


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One of the things we love the most is putting our brains into making a positive impact on the world. So naturally, when ICL asked us to brand their young adult volunteer project - our response was a resounding “HELL YES!”.

Our main challenge was making a volunteer project appeal to gen-Zs, which is a notoriously hard target audience to crack. Combining ICL’s social values with gen-Z aesthetics, we invented a visual language that managed to capture the meaning of the entire volunteer project.


A Change Is Born

When ICL told us about their young adult volunteer project, we knew that in order to attract their target audience, we had to give the entire thing a young aesthetic that is in line with ICL’s core value of positive social impact, but one that also emphasizes the personal responsibility each of us holds when it comes to leading a positive change in the world. The logo and the color palette we designed match the main message behind the project’s name, “We Change”, which calls young adults to act. The accompanying merchandise we designed to welcome volunteers were branded with the visual language we built, along with motivational copy that moves participants to start the change.


New Look - A Whole New Meaning

With the branding kit we put together for ICL’s “We Change” young adult volunteer project, we managed not only to give the entire project an elegant look and feel, but also to help ICL grasp the meaning behind the whole thing. The visual language and copy we crafted reflect the entire concept of the project, and allows ICL to showcase one of its core values in a new way that appeals to a whole new audience.