Future Learning

A professional institution for AI education and deep learning technology, founded by the Razor labs company of AI solutions. 

Using your company’s experience and knowledge to train your future employees is simply…our genius;)

The brief

As the struggle to find well trained AI specialists became real, we came up with the ultimate solution for Razor labs, AKA our client- if you can’t find it, build it!

Let the branding begin!

After a little research on tech education, we settled on the accurate colour palate for our big shot futuristic educational program. We added in just the right, isometrically positioned, power images to match the brand perfectly, a soft touch of motion design to capture the eye- and VOILA! 

Let’s get technical

When you’re a technological institute talking to non- technical people, that calls for some good planning. Building the syllabus was a tough nut to crack for that reason, but after consulting AI engineers and prospects of similar background, we decided on the visual and textual guidelines and the execution was a no brainer.

Nu possibilities

And last but not least- the Future Learning website, the main digital asset through which people apply for the courses. Working together, we created on top of the original “bootcamp” training program 2 nu ones: one for innovation executives in big organizations, and another called “partners”- where real company clients help students get a better grasp of the AI industry.