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Bringing It Home


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Combining years of practical experience in the fields of architecture, urban renewal and entrepreneurship, the founders of Daria Capital are the people you need on your side when investing in a real-estate project.

Our job was to make their unique business model stand out, by creating a brand identity that tells a story everyone can relate to. In a time of major turmoil and unrest, we knew the key to success in this case was going back to basics, and reaching our deepest desire to live a life of stability and peace. Needless to say that it matched perfectly with Daria Capital’s spirit.


What We’re All Looking For

Developing and carrying out real-estate projets combine multiple expertise, which is exactly what the founders of Daria Capital possess. This creates a sense of confidence and security, which is what you would associate with a home. Thus, the entire concept around Daria Capital’s brand revolved around creating a place of trust for the Israeli audience, which is what they were seeking at that difficult time.
The name we chose , “Daria”, is a combination of two Hebrew words - “dar” (inhabiting) and “ia” (god), connecting the brand with Israeli roots, and bringing it to the place and culture that nurtures Israeli society. The logo and color palette created for the brand represent the deepest desire we all share - living in a place of permanent peace.

The final touch in the project was creating trust between the brand and the audience - and nothing creates trust better than seeing a familiar face. For that we went on a photo shoot to present the people behind the brand, using AI to reach a polished image to fit the brand’s identity.


Up Where We Belong

Life is a journey to find that special place we want to call home. The brand we created for Daria Capital was built to answer the deepest necessity we feel when looking for a home - confidence, stability and trust.
With a new visual language and brand identity to match their brand offer, Daria Capital is now ready to use their expertise and help people create their ideal new home.