The brain behind our pretty little colorful bundles of joy- flowers.

No matter where you buy them- the supermarket or a supreme florist- Danziger probably has to do with your wife making up with you, being one of the top varieties developers and breeders in the world.

Will you be our valentine?

Valentine’s day is every florist’s big opportunity to flourish (see what we did there?) because Americans do love their “happy valentine’s hon” bunch.

So, a cross-platform digital campaign it is!

Gypsophila, nice to meet.

You know them – the little white dots that puff up your bouquet. Danziger have developed a variety that’s 60% more resistant than others and which comes in 3 different types: big, tiny and colored.

A seed of creativity

As our soul is old and, our usual sarcasm put aside, hopelessly romantic (but don’t tell or we WILL find you), we came up with the concept of famous song lines- each type of flower gets  one.

How BIG is your love

Once we had our creative concept figured out, the visual ideas came flooding in. We did some more research, and finally settled on our final concept for the first photoshoot- BIG. 

Our campaign would inspire florists and highlight the flower’s biggest virtue: a bigger “I love you” doesn’t have to break your bank. 

Crazy little thing called love

Good things come in small packages, literally in this case – our second photoshoot for the tingy, yet graceful flower came small indeed, but everybody loved it big time.

Shine bright like a diamond

We can’t seem to finish off without throwing in a touch of glam. And so, for our third shoot, we took close-ups of our snow white flowers and made them sparkle like a thousand diamonds!