Compie Technologies

Celebrating Growth with a New Branding Kit


Art Direction & Design

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Compie has made its first steps as a lassic development company. Since then a lot has changed - the brand grew, as did the company’s client base and the variety of services it offers. When Compie realized it was time for change, they turned to us to strengthen their brand identity, as a valued, trusted companion for high-end development projects. We saw it as an opportunity to help a growing company to break the mold that is associated with the tech sector - through a lively and bold branding package.


A Sleeve Full of Hearts

With its newfound growth, Compie needed to brand itself with a new concept that would deepen its bond with the clients, one which they could identify with on a personal level. The new logo we created helped grasp the message that the development process is the heart of any innovation project, and it captures Compie’s commitment to professionalism, the personal relationship created with every client, and the added value they give. The neon color palette was chosen to create edge, all the while painting an optimistic and futuristic picture.


Giving Brand New Life with a Heatbeat

With a logo and color scheme in place, Compie’s new brand kit included a visual language that conveys the brand’s heartfelt truth, while remaining young, hip, unique and innovative. Now everything Compie - from the brand’s website to billboards and merch, speaks the same lingo of vector elements and trendy neons that truly shine through. Because making brands shine is our specialty.