Cafe Cafe

The biggest, most popular coffeehouse branch in Israel, Cafe Cafe, felt like they needed to up their social game, to better suit their desired image.

They reached out and we set out our goals and got right down to business- headed towards winner valley! 

Crisp as pie

Before we do any work it is unimaginably important to make sure we get our messages straight. We wouldn’t want all our hard work to go down the toilet now, would we? 😉

So we sat down to improve, refine, redefine and find the EXACT values and vibes that work for our brand and their target audience.  

Ready, aim- shoot!

We never sign off our name on anything less than perfect, which is why we took the liberty of showing up at one of their branches for a photo shooting session.

Within a few intense hours of quality with some cherry- picked dishes, we had all we needed. And after an extra few of photoshopping them into perfection: it was time to call it a day. 

A pretty good one.

Let’s get social!

Now, after getting the crucial parts out of the way, it was just doing our thing: producing creative, original and engaging content for social media like no one can.

And the cherry on top of it all? Badass monthly campaign initiatives – just because we can.