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AL Consultants sought Brainnü's expertise to unleash their identity beyond the confines of formality. We envisioned a brand that reflected their daring essence – a perfect blend of sass and class. The result? A vibrant logo, a bold color palette inspired by "casual hi-tech," and dynamic patterns that turned organizational procedures into a playful journey. Our approach extended to an Instagram grid, website, and even exclusive merchandise, each element echoing AL Consultants' commitment to supporting clients through change and development.


Unveiling AL’s Vibrant Identity

When AL Consultants approached us, they were ready for a transformation. We recognized their potential for standing out in the consulting world, envisioning a language that spoke volumes. The logo, a fusion of stability and support, conveyed resilience and mutual strength. Our bold color palette added a touch of audacity, while patterns and shapes turned organizational processes into a captivating dance. The result? A language that transcends the mundane, reflecting AL's dynamic approach to navigating change and delivering impactful organizational development.


Beyond Boundaries: AL’s Playful Revolution

Ditching the traditional, AL Consultants embraced a bold transformation with Brainnü. The logo, a testament to support and stability, became a symbol of their unyielding strength. A daring color palette added flair, while patterns brought a sense of playfulness to organizational processes. Our Instagram grid unfolded as a captivating bulletin board, conveying multiple messages concisely. The website became a dynamic platform, animated to bring the language to life. Even AL's merchandise bore the mark of innovation, interactive presentations emphasizing the brand's values. AL Consultants - where sass meets class in a revolution of playful professionalism!