A subsidiary of Compie, Wave consults and builds smart platforms for different organizations. 

Wave’s biggest challenge was attracting and recruiting talented developers, a notoriously painful matter for smaller tech companies. 

Thankfully, we had the perfect creative solution (one that our customer wouldn’t dream of) – starting an academic branch for full-stack developers, so that the company can train its own workers and hire the best!


Get on board

In a world where coding is the new sexy – you wanna be the one to catch that wave and ride it all the way to success!
After a little process of back n’ forth, we settled on the perfect name for the academy: Wave.

LOGO animated wave
LOGO animated wave

Hang fivin’ it

Ever heard of the dub dub dub?  A short for WWW, and every developer’s nursery rhyme. We decided to take that awesome, super used developer’s slang and base our logo on it, which came out terrific! 

Just coding around

For colors, we created an upbeat, diverse palette that did our “anyone can code” slogan – justice.
Along came all the perfectly designed official docs, merch and of course- the coolest website ever, for which we also set the frame of the different courses.

Campaigns & Content marketing

Now it was time our baby learned how to walk – so we designed smart campaigns to spread the word and led content marketing moves in some top tech magazines.  
The academy turned out a tremendous success, having talented people waiting in line to apply!