Dream Makers

The Group is an event planning company that fulfills the dreams of multiple corporations by creating lifetime experiences and sensational events. Tal & Hadas, The Group’s founders, came to the realization that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so they’ve asked us to upgrade their Instagram page to showcase what truly happens in the events they produce. The main goal: turn their Instagram page into a showreel that will act as a visual business card. And boy did we deliver…


Our Brief - Before & After Grid Planning

Event production includes several stages, from choosing a concept and design plan, through on-site construction and reception, all the way to the event’s highlight – the main show featuring top-level artists. To understand the grandeur and detailed thought process for every event produced by The Group, we knew we had to show what happens behind the scenes, and not just on the day of the event. Each row in the Instagram feed transports the viewer through a step inside the journey of making each corporation’s dream event come true. And the end result – you can see for yourselves.

before After

Grid Planning - a Video Showcasing the Entire Feed Through Scrolling

To create a physical separation between each event on the feed, we’ve divided it using a row of monochromatic images, which on the one hand highlights the event’s colorfulness, and on the other hand strengthens The Group’s classy-clean branding.
Each event was given nine slots inside the Instagram feed, with each row marking a different stage of the event. We’ve created duplicates using flips, and the middle image in every row depicts key elements in the event.
In this joint process, we’ve crafted a professional preset in order to create uniformity, since each event was photographed by a different photographer.