SodaStream Career

Having revolutionized the way we drink, while saving the environment from plastic waste – SodaStream has also become an undisputed leader in the organizational culture realm.

And with us on board – Streamers are bound to become the next hot, bubbly thing!

A digital revolution

After laying the groundwork of the visual, motion and textual voice & tone, we tailored a smart, balanced content strategy for each digital platform, based on the 4 pillars created for their employer branding.

Bursting the bubble

As world menopause day came up, it was obvious SodaStream has to pick up the untouched glove.
Together, we chose ten beautifully inspiring female Streamers, to share their true experience of age with the world, and empower other women who go through these challenges.

Our menopause campaign ended up being a huge success, so we went ahead and created a special Webinar on this burning matter. Word spread like wildfire, and it even made the Globes Magazine headlines!

A stream come true!

SodaStream isn’t just your typical workplace, and becoming a Streamer is a HUGE deal. In addition to running their digital recruitment campaign, we designed a shareable, sparkly kit for the freshly hired Streamer, so they can show off their cool new position to their friends and family, and make some noizzzze!

Insta fizz

Once we made sure everything was running smoothly, we rolled up our sleeves and built up a dazzling international community strategy for Instagram, including a detailed employer ambassador program… 

more details coming soon, stick around and stay tuned 😉


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