Razor Labs

Razor Labs is a leading artificial intelligence company based in Israel. They provide governments and corporations all around the world with advanced AI solutions and products.

Whatcha wanna say?

We absolutely love building things from scratch when it comes to creative.

When Razor Labs first came to us, they were already a settled business, but were missing the very basics: a good story. We made clear what their image and message is, and came up with an interesting, sharp storytelling strategy.

A supernatural brand

Once we got the story straight, it was time to deal with the visuality.

We researched colors and found out two that don鈥檛 exist in nature (fun fact of the day馃檪) and would perfectly demonstrate the idea of AI- and used them for the logo.

Brand it on!

Moving on to the website- we created an iconic visual language of neural net elements which imitates an AI system, using the same colors.聽

Now our web was ready for investments:)

Preachin鈥 it

Professionalism is all about telling the right story the right way. Through the process of understanding the brand values and finding the correct story, we created all company slideshows to make sure all management members were coordinated. The story we came up with even changed the company鈥檚 business focus and pointed out some new insights, based on its industry 4.0 success stories abroad.

Outsmarting Zuckerberg and Bezos

Mega brands like Facebook and Amazon created some tough competition with the perks they offered, making it near impossible for smaller companies to recruit quality engineers. Our solution: training our own men. How? by starting a nu institute for AI studies called Future Learning, from which the company will pick the top talents to work. *Mic drop*