The purple box

After the world was taken hostage by COVID- 19 and countries were quarantined for months, Israeli government has finally decided to gradually loosen up the knot under strict operation instructions for businesses, known as the “purple standard mark”. 

Purple minds

As the opportunity arose, our CEO came up with an idea and assembled another 4 bright entrepreneurs from the Israeli high-tech industry. They got together on a Zoom conference and a few hours later a Brainnu baby business was born, called “the purple box”. Our baby now needed a marketing strategy, social strategy, website and creative voice and tone- and the Brainnu team was definitely down for it!

Keep calm and go purple

A few hours more- and a perfectly convenient and stylish website was up and ready to go, equipped with everything a purple business might need: disinfecting gel, thermometers, masks, gloves etc- all wrapped up in pretty purple boxes designed for businesses of any type or size. And the cherry on top? there’s an app too!

Every day we’re purplin’

Social assets were also set up in no time (when passion overrides your human needs like sleep…) and after we laid the voice and tone and visual basics, our creative beast couldn’t wait anymore and broke loose. We went wild on social media- creating irresistible campaign ads and hysterical and catchy content, making them leads come flooding in.