When people talk proudly about Israeli inventions, Netafim’s patent, the drippers, always finds its way to the top of the list.

Today they’re known as the #1 irrigation solutions brand in the world, watering the grounds of tens of countries!

Water for employees

As recruitment season begins, they needed to score some major popularity points with their employees and attract new quality ones, which of course- called for an employer branding campaign.

“Can you make them like us?”

”No, we’re gonna make them LOVE you!”



Views in the first 24 hours


Engagements were counted


CVs were received 

Leave a (water) mark

First things first- we started off with the UX writing features, which included the persona and micro copy principles. 

Moving on to content strategy, we divided our topics and budget into categories and assets and created the perfect design to grab the most attention with just the right tone of voice for each platform. 

Being all planned out down to the last detail, this brilliantly thorough campaign is definitely going to leave a mark! 

Let it grow!

DROP the mic! (get it?)

Initiating landing

Down to business- we created an engaging and detailed landing page for each position, describing it clearly, to wrap up the recruitment process and let our potential future employees know how much we appreciate their interest. Let the leads come flooding in!