The FemTech Foundry

As women grow stronger in business, the impact they have on global economy becomes major. But at the same time, they still face an enormous difficulty in this competitive world where men still have an advantage.

The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel founded at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) came up with a prestigious mentoring program for women entrepreneurs, and since Brainnu’s middle name is women’s empowerment, it was only natural to ask us to lead their digital campaign 🙂

Breaking it down

The digital funnel consisted of 2 stages: the Femtech Webinar about putting the focus on women as consumers and the exclusive Femtech foundry, which is a 9 week mentoring program, designed and led by experts from Silicon valley to give women entrepreneurs the tools to succeed.

Who runs the world

Getting the audience right for both stages was the tricky part, but we cracked it in no time. 

We wanted to get women and Femtech entrepreneurs on board, and so our next challenge was to find a way to get their busy attention and connect with them emotionally.

Good girls gone viral

After learning our budget and setting the goals, it was down to the fun- coming up with the best way to spread the word across social media. 

Besides for a set of gorgeous campaign ads for both stages, we created a viral influencer challenge with the special hashtag #my_way to inspire women and get them to share their most important decisions as entrepreneurs.

Fem style

We finally settled on a name: #she_entrepreneurs, and jumped in head first to create their visual branding for the campaigns, landing pages and all the docs.

And the results? let’s just say we’re closing this thread for comments due to an overload.



Our customer obviously loved everything, and now it was only a matter of delivering our message nice and sharp in the copy, upload- and up up and away!



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