Swear ‘Em In!

The 24th Knesset was just about to be sworn in and the visitor center was due to reopen. A perfect time for the Israeli youth to learn all about the grandeur of Democracy. But here’s a problem even our greatest leaders couldn’t solve: how does one make politics – hip?

Brainnu to the Rescue

Everyone who’s met us, knows we’re always up for a good challenge. Especially when innovation is involved. And innovation was exactly what the fellows at the Knesset needed when they approached us. What can we say? They’ve come to the right place!

Making Politics Cool

What did they want? Stickers! Where did they want them? On Instagram! We immediately assembled our best Brains and thought of a trendy concept that would catch the eye of the young audience – colorful and edgy, and at the same time chic (and educational, too! Because who said education can’t be chic?)

We Are Sure It Will Stick!

The stickers were ready in a matter of days and, not to toot our own horn, the impact was even more remarkable than expected. Mission accomplished – see for yourselves!


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