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Life at Kaltura

Kaltura is all about powering video experiences, through their open, flexible and collaborative products. These are also the three perfect adjectives to describe their corporate culture – open for new ideas, flexible work model and collaborative atmosphere.
So when they asked us to do their employer branding, we knew that our job was to let the entire world know about it. And know about it they did – through the power of social media!

Make It Social

We chose to use Kaltura’s existing Instagram page, and built an entire strategy to increase engagement among existing employees, and draw in new recruits.
The highlights create a compelling first impression, with each highlight presenting a different aspect of Kalturian life.
And with these covers – you’ll be amazed at what’s inside…

kaltora Profile

Go On-Grid

Since Kalturians’ lives are so diverse, we wanted to bring out the different aspects of what it feels like to be a Kalturian. We’ve created a mosaic built of regular content segments, while featuring one-time story pieces that represent Kalturian life as it
is – rich, nurturing and exciting!

Kaltura's Pets

Kaltura’s Pets

Everyone knows that babies and animals steal the show, and no hi-tech company is complete without a pet take-over. So what better way is there to get people’s “aweeeeee”s out than showing photos Kalturians’ furry friends?

Original OBM’s

National days are more than just donut-filled happy hours.
On Fathers’ Day, we asked Kalturians to share with us the best career advice they got from their dads, and the result was a carousel filled with tear-jerking moments that left not a single dry eye in front of the screen.

Getting Linked

After the amazing reviews our Instagram content received, we decided to expand our business and publish corporate-related content on Linkedin, and let all the business folk know that Kalturian life kicks ass!

Make ’em Stick!

With the branded sticker pack we’ve created for Kalturians to share on their Instagram story, they could prepare stories using only Instagram’s platform, without the need to go through various screens, which also increased brand exposure on Instagram. And believe it or not, but Kaltura’s sticker pack has amassed over 500K views on!