The best saas accounting solution for SMBs available. Everything business automation, every owner’s bread and butter.

The brief

Create a brand identity and language that will live up to the brand’s own rockstar standards for the digital arena.

A brainnu identity

When your business has all kinds of business- from a freelance writer who stays in their P.J.s to the ‘suit and tie’ lawyer- you wanna have a wide colour range to make everybody feel at home.

Next was deciding on the right typography to throw in the sass digital marketing calls for.

׳All In One׳ Presenter

Being the freaks that we are, we looked at the rich, handsome businessman, ‘George Clooney’ typecast, and made sure to pick the exact opposite.

This fat guy is about self indulgence and enjoying the best of all worlds. If he can have it, he wants it. That’s everything iCount stands for- all the tools in one convenient as heck system.

We like to move it, move it.

And last but definitely not least- we put motion design on the agenda, cuz’ it’s just more fun that way.

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