Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

If you know anything about FinTech, you’ve probably heard about eToro – the world’s leading social investing platform.
Founded on a mission to make the world of investment approachable to everyone, eToro is all about building a community, so it was a no-brainer for us to join hands for an employer branding adventure together. And then it hit us – building a community could not hit closer to home with eToro, thus the slogan was chosen.

Laying the Foundation

And how do you build a community in the digital age? You go on social media! Hence we launched ‘eToro Life’ Facebook page.
Every community that’s made of thousands of people is bound to have multiple stories to tell. To have eTorians’ stories come across in the most compelling way, we’ve come up with content segments that focus on the different aspects of eTorian life. Add to that some one-time content pieces and original OBM’s, and you’ve got yourself a well-built social media strategy!

eToro social

Engagement Starts from Within

After launching the social media page, it’s time to let everyone know that we’re here. To get all eTorians connected with what’s going on in eToro’s corporate life and know some more eTorians, we came up with a monthly newsletter that sums up everything that happened in the last month, to be sent to all eTorians across the globe.


Keeping It Light

We know what people want to see on social media, but a true digital expert knows how to add in a twist, and recognize trends before they become popular.
For April Fool’s Day, we came up with a concept that took a spin at routine recruitment campaigns, and went on a move that called out the hi-tech scene for its true self.