A software development consulting company, born to train future DevOps experts to lead revolutionary projects in the field.

We the future

Develeap had a clear goal: attract young developers. And so, we started off by creating a visual language that speaks “young” and “professional”.

Leap start

First you need something to put on your business card- so logo it was, with a fun jumpy dot to give off the feeling of advancing and eventually reaching an expert level. Then, we chose a young vibing color palette and added up the trendy isometric elements to create a language that’s fun and young yet mature, but with a twist 😉

On top of the world

Creating a visual concept for the company’s official docs was a no brainer- mountain skylines and mountain tops, we trust no further explanation is needed 🙂


After we had all the essentials, we featured, designed and developed their website in Hebrew and English, including a back office system for leads channeling. Next we created a digital funnel and ran a conversion campaign. Thanks to our on point targeting strategy, they received 200 applications in less than two weeks!