A Brainnu Brand Story

Compie has made its first steps as a classic development company. A lot has changed since. The brand has grown, as did its client base and the variety of services it offers. It was time to strengthen its identity as a valued, trusted companion of high-end development projects. Sounds like a job for us!

The Heart of the Matter

To deepen the brand’s bond with the clients, we needed a concept with which they could identify on a personal level. And what is more personal than a heart? After all, the development process is the heart of any innovation project. This image captures Compie’s commitment to professionalism and the personal relationship that is created with every client.

We then fitted the heart logo with an extra pixel for added value – the brand’s commitment for authenticity, personalization and partnership.

Adding Some Color to the Equation

Now we had to think of a color scheme that would reflect the brand’s innovational vibe. Something young, hip and entirely unique. In tech, you can never go wrong with a touch of neon. The green, pink and blue neon combo created the exact amount of edginess we needed, while keeping the overall picture bright, optimistic and futuristic at the same time.

From a Heartbeat to a Brand Kit

With a logo and a color scheme in place, we were ready to develop a whole new visual language that communicates the brand’s heartfelt truth. Now everything Compie – from the brand’s website to billboards and merch, speaks the same lingo of vector elements and trendy neons that truly shine through.

Because making brands shine, is our specialty.